• Butterfly


Butterfly is a sofa created to be center stage, as main protagonist. Since its very name, inspired to Puccini’s work, it incorporates its visual codes through a livery that reminds the precious kimonos fabrics, their chromatic patterns and their sumptuous embroideries, but also the great Italian tailoring tradition, which in theater combines art and craftsmanship, creating a real show.

A world of memories that the designer’s sensitivity makes present and enriches with pop suggestions taken from the Italian and Japanese culture. This “exuberance” is harmonized by a timeless line. Volumes and pure shapes that meet and redefine the space, seats that come together to welcome tables, bookcases and shelves that become trays.
The elements, combines togerher, creating something that is constantly changing, as if it were a theatrical scenography.
The living as a place where life goes on stage. With or without audience.





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