Your design dreams, like a tailor made suit, custom made for you.

Marinelli Home is a family owned and operated company that has been in business for over 30 years. The company has developed over the years creating high quality products combining refinement and individuality. Marinelli Home means passion, ethical business practice and innovation.

Among the cornerstones of the philosophy of Marinelli Home is the perfect balance between industrial production, commitment to design, manufacturing and 100% Made in Italy. Each project is custom made by finding the best aesthetic and technological solutions.

In manufacturing it’s sofas, Marinelli Home uses only genuine leathers because they breathe and mature over time. The hides we use are carefully selected from breeding farms; the tanning processes safeguard the environment and the hides
themselves as they lack chromium, while preserving and enhancing the texture and individuality typical of the natural character of leather. 

Marinelli Home is a believer in values and skills, inspired by quality and style. We produce every sofa emphasizing the need for comfort and sophistication. The company offers customised solutions and tailoring, and is capable of producing
each model in the collection with specific detail, trim and size, ensuring excellent comfort.

The continued development of models in line with the evolution of the market makes the company the preferred manufacturer, interpreting a new way of living at home. The ongoing communication with our customers and the interpretation of every need gives the manufacturing excellence of Marinelli Home an international validation, acquired
over the years. The trust experienced on a daily basis and customer loyalty represent the reasons for satisfaction and encouragement to constantly aspire to improve. Marinelli Home is the story of a family, a project, a dream come true.

And the rest of the story is still being written...